Become our member (Seller)

I. Seller Features

- To become Sellers, users can send seller request to the Admin.

- Sellers can manage their profiles.

- Sellers can manage their hotels.

- Sellers can manage their room types.

- Sellers can manage their orders.

- Sellers can select payment mode provided by Admin and send account details to receive payments manually from admin.

- Sellers can view sales information with graph in the dashboard on Asaola.

- Sellers can edit booked orders: they can change duration of booking dates, add discount, add rooms and reallocate or swap rooms.

- Sellers can view their marketplace earnings and admin commission from the dashboard.

II. Seller Control Panel

1. Dashboard

- Sellers can view stats graph of sales of day, month, year, previous day, previous month and previous year.

- Sellers can view recent orders and order details.

- Sellers can check the best selling room type.

2. Booking & Stats

- Sellers can check the booking and room status as per selected duration, hotel and room type.

- A calendar view is also provided for a detailed information of bookings.

3. Edit Profile

- Seller can add and/or edit hotel name, business email, first name, last name, phone number and fax number.

4. Hotels management

- Sellers can add hotels.

- Sellers can manage hotel information, images and features.

- Sellers can change the status of hotels.

- Sellers can delete hotels.

5. Room Types Management

- Sellers can add room types.

- Sellers can manage room type information, add/delete images, prices, add/delete rooms, select/add/delete amenities and edit SEO options.

- Sellers can set base price, select tax rate, choose specific price and add pricing rules.

- Sellers can allow/disallow advance payment option for room type.

- Sellers can select the type and value of advance payment.

- Sellers can change the status of rooms as active, inactive and temporary inactive.

- Sellers can mange SEO settings such as meta title, meta description and friendly URL.

6. Orders Management

- Sellers can view the total earnings, admin commission, admin tax, seller earnings, seller earnings received, admin due amount and total orders.

- Sellers can view details of orders: reference number, customer name, order total, payment status, payment mode, order date and order details.

- Sellers can also view detailed report of order transactions: order amount, payment mode, payment type, transaction id, date and order status.

7. Payment Mode

- Sellers can select payment mode provided by the Admin.

- Sellers can edit the selected payment mode details.

- Sellers can also delete selected payment modes.