About us

Introduction of Asaola

Asaola Booking (www.asaola.com) is a website power by GEF Pte. Ltd. Singapore, specializing in hotel, hostel and homestay booking. First launching in Vietnam with an eventual aim to spread globally, we are currently targeting foreign and local visitors for their experience to destinations to stay, to eat and to exchange the cultural with local around the world. Asaola will offer many loyalty-based incentives for customers booking through asaola.com as well as a booking price and services which will always be better than competitors.

The website is a huge technology investment outside of traditional booking sites, with a focus on rating and reviewing via blockchain platforms. This allows for more transparent and trusty results of feedback, the reviewers motivated for their work through a reward-based and smart contract system.

With an easy to use interface, anyone with a hotel, hostel or potential homestay property can register as a host. Additionally, those same hosts can earn commission (monetary or service based) through Asaola’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system for rating and reviewing on Blockchains.

Our vision

“Until 2022, to become the best mordern booking market platform for global travellers to experience with local”

Our mission

“Added value to property for the local, to connect travellers to hosts for their experience and enjoyment with local to for a better world”

Core Value

Core values

Our Team

Our team